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Champion Style: Fashionable Jewellery for Sports Enthusiasts

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Do you remember the joy we all felt when our lads were the winners of the Cricket World Cup? It was a double dose of delight for James Thredgold when we were commissioned to produce the World Cup Championship ring at our Adelaide workshop.

This got us thinking about how pushing the limits at your chosen sport often means leaving behind your favourite accessories.

Well, we understand that your passion for sports goes hand in hand with your desire to do it in style. That is why we offer a range of jewellery that can keep pace with your active lifestyle without compromising on good looks.

Jewellery Made to Last

James Thredgold custom-makes high-quality jewellery designed to withstand the elements. Our master artisans will consider your active lifestyle when designing your unique pieces so you can focus on your game and not on your accessories.

For example, the championship rings we made were meticulously crafted to serve as stunning reminders of our cricket victory. These expertly designed jewellery pieces exude timeless beauty and are built to withstand the test of time

Time After Time

We stock a range of exclusive ladies and mens watches that are the epitome of elegance and function. Our range includes:

  • TAG Heuer Carrera and Aquaracer: View the collection of these innovative timepieces. TAG Heuer's luxury watches are engineered for high performance, whatever the conditions.
  • Bremont Watches: With their signature design, these sleek watches are constructed with scratch-resistant cases to suit your active lifestyle. These watches come in a range of magnificent models for both men and women.
  • Garmin Mens Watches: The exclusive Marq range caters to adventurers, athletes, drivers and golfers. Choose your stylish yet durable option from our premier selection.

Expertise You Can Trust

At James Thredgold, you have come to expect excellent craftsmanship and timeless design. We understand that the perfect jewellery item should be an extension of yourself and reflect your individuality and sense of adventure. Choosing a custom-designed item from us will give you the freedom to express your love for sports with jewellery that is built to last.

Looking for a jewellery item that is durable and stylish, just like the World Cup Championship rings? Our Adelaide artisans are standing by to design and create a timeless piece that suits your active lifestyle and your impeccable taste. Contact us today.