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Gucci Rings - Finding Your Size And Style

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Fashion choices, especially in terms of jewellery, offer an indulgent and yet practical expression of your personal style. From being able to use your choices to showcase your own individuality to embracing the fact that Gucci rings are a universal symbol of good taste and fashion, you can be sure that finding the right ring for you is an important step towards the curatorship of your personal brand. Speaking of investing in your expressions, the James Thredgold team has compiled some useful insights into the Gucci range so that you may find your perfect ring a little easier.

First Things First - How To Find Your Ring Size

The Gucci Ring Size Guide offers detailed steps on how to find the perfect ring size and we want to share some of the guidelines here for your ease of reference. Remember that you can easily print out this sizing guide or have your finger professionally measured in-store. If you are using an existing ring to find your size, make sure that it is a comfortable and well-suited fit. 

Once you have printed your sizing guide and checked the paper size as well as the printed measurement bars, you can slide this ring onto the printed circles to match them up. You want to match the inside edges. The final tip is that you will want to make sure that you opt for the larger size if the sizing falls between two sizes. Now you are set!

Trust Your Instincts - Find Your Style

Are you looking for a ring that is sophisticated and reminiscent of the hallmark era of Gucci? Take a look at the GG Running Diamond X Ring. Are you looking for something symbolic and steeped in medieval alchemical tradition? Try the Gucci Ouroboros Wrap Ring. Is a classic yet boldly unapologetic floral design more your style? Have a look at the Gucci Flora Diamond Ring. A ring by Gucci says a million things - you are the only true judge of how to wear it and make it your own, so take your time and look through our collection.

Get In Touch

If you would like to find out more or explore more of our extensive range of Gucci rings, you can reach the James Thredgold team by calling +61 8 8431 9141 or using our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!