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Throughout history, white diamonds have been synonymous with strength, beauty, prosperity and purity. Deriving their meaning in ancient Greece, they were considered a symbol of invincibility. With a Mohs hardness scale of 10, the white diamond is also symbolic of love everlasting. As the hardest naturally occurring material in existence, the white diamond is durable and resilient enough to stand the test of time.

This Diamond Engagement Ring Features a gorgeous centre stone set into a uniquely woven and crafted 18 ct gold ring. Intricately decorated with smaller brilliant white diamonds in an expansive halo, it has a distinct, timeless quality and unique flowering appeal. This is a piece intended as a celebration of natural and divine beauty, as well as everlasting love. Make this distinguished, signature piece from the James Thredgold exclusive collection yours today. Get in touch for sizing and adjustments. All items are presented in an elegant, one-of-a-kind gift box.

18ct yellow gold Diamond ring

  • RBC Diamond = 0.58ct
  • 20 RBC Diamonds = 0.09ct.