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2023's Leading Engagement Ring Trends in Adelaide

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This year, couples are venturing beyond tradition, embracing innovation and creativity in their wedding ring selections. Here is a closer look at the top Adelaide engagement ring trends capturing hearts this year.

Coordinated Wedding and Engagement Rings

Coordinated sets are gaining popularity. These sets, designed to be worn together, offer a cohesive look, symbolising unity and commitment. They can also be a lot of fun to style!

One way to mix and match your wedding and engagement rings is to experiment with the thickness. A delicate Diamond Halo Ring with a bold Diamond Wedding Band creates a balanced, contemporary look.

Bursts of Vibrancy

The year 2023 is all about embracing colour and bold design. This is evident in the rising trend for rings featuring vibrant gemstones, such as fiery red ruby, green sapphire or pink and grey diamonds.

The Pink & White Diamond Ring exemplifies this trend with its radiant pink diamonds offering a splash of bold elegance. In contrast, the Paraiba Tourmaline & Diamond Ring offers a unique blend of rare beauty and glamour.

Elegant Curves and Contours

Rings with curves and contours often feature intricate detailing, from delicate edges to embedded gemstones, adding depth and character to the design and a timeless and elegant touch of sophistication and romance to any hand.

One way to achieve an elegant look with curves and contours is to pair a classic favourite Diamond Solitaire Ring with its luminous centre stone  with the Curved Diamond Ring, showcasing this trend's elegance and adding a touch of interest and intrigue.

For a bolder look, you could pair the popular Emerald Cut Diamond Ring, often larger than other diamond shapes, making it a statement-making piece. Consider combining it with a subtle  Diamond Wedding Band for a polished and elegant finish, or a Diamond Wedding Ring if you prefer a stacked style.

Emerging Metal Choices

While gold and platinum remain classics, metals like tungsten and titanium are making their mark in 2023, offering durability and a modern aesthetic.

Craft Your Unique Love Story with James Thredgold 

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