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Creating the World Cup Championship Ring: Australian Men's Cricket Team


Step into the world of craftsmanship and celebration as we delve into the journey of creating the first-ever World Cup Championship ring for the Australian Men’s Cricket team. At James Thredgold Jeweller, our team embarked on a momentous project, blending artistry with symbolism to honour cricketing excellence on a global stage.

The ICC ODI Cricket World Cup Trophy stands as the pinnacle of achievement in One Day International cricket, embodying years of dedication and skill. From inception to completion, every detail of the championship rings was meticulously crafted to reflect this outstanding achievement.

The rings feature a striking halo of diamonds and tsavorite garnets—the world’s rarest garnets—meticulously paired with yellow gold to symbolise the iconic green and gold of Australia. Each ring is personalised with the player’s name and cap number, while a silhouette representing wickets and the three columns of the World Cup Trophy adorns the design.

At the heart of the ring lies a white gold cricket ball, paying homage to the essence of the one-day game. The result? A masterpiece that encapsulates the spirit of victory and camaraderie.

We are honoured to have been entrusted with the creation of these rings, extending our heartfelt congratulations to the Australian Men’s Cricket team for their outstanding achievements in 2023. Join us in celebrating the artistry and dedication behind these iconic pieces of sporting history.

For more insights into our bespoke creations and craftsmanship, contact James Thredgold Jeweller.



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Celebrate Each Anniversary with Gemstone Gifts

The tradition of gemstone anniversary gifts can be traced back to ancient Rome, where specific materials were assigned to different anniversary years. Over time, the practice evolved and various cultures adopted and adapted it, leading to the gemstone system we know today.

Send the right message with the help of your trusted jewellers in Adelaide based on its symbolism and personal connections.

The Early Years: Foundations of Love

  • 1st Anniversary: Gold Jewellery — Opt for a classic gold pendant or an 18ct gold chain to commemorate the warmth of your first year.
  • 2nd Anniversary: Garnet — A deep red garnet bracelet or garnet-studded cuff links can represent your blossoming love and commitment.
  • 3rd Anniversary: Pearl Choose pearl earrings or a custom pearl tie pin to symbolise the emerging beauty of your relationship.
  • 4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz — Gift blue topaz earrings or a blue topaz watch face to celebrate four years of stability and understanding.
  • 5th Anniversary: Sapphire — Mark this milestone with a sapphire ring or a sapphire-encrusted brooch, reflecting strength and fidelity.

Strengthening Your Bond

  • 6th Anniversary: Amethyst — An amethyst pendant or amethyst bracelet can be perfect for celebrating six years of deepening bonds.
  • 7th Anniversary: Onyx — Onyx and diamond earrings or an onyx signet ring symbolise protection and security.
  • 8th Anniversary: Tourmaline — Choose a tourmaline charm bracelet and earring set or a sleek black titanium ring with a small green tourmaline inlay, embracing the colourful diversity of your relationship.
  • 9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli — A Roberto Coin Ring or tie clip made of lapis and gold symbolises the mutual wisdom and understanding shared between two people.
  • 10th Anniversary: Diamond Jewellery — Celebrate a decade together with diamond stud earrings or a classic diamond watch, symbolising enduring love.

Honouring the Milestone Years

  • 15th Anniversary: Ruby — A ruby heart pendant or a ruby & diamond ring symbolises the passionate bond.
  • 20th Anniversary: Emerald — An emerald ring or emerald-encrusted cuff links to represent the years of growth.
  • 25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee — Choose silver photo frames or a custom silver jewellery piece to mark a quarter-century of brilliance together.
  • 30th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee — Celebrate with a classic pearl strand or a gorgeous pearl and diamond bracelet that makes a bold statement, symbolising three decades of rare beauty.

Embracing the Golden Years

  • 40th Anniversary: Ruby Jubilee — Embrace the timeless beauty of a ruby pendant necklace or diamond ruby ring to reaffirm the passion of forty years.
  • 50th Anniversary: Gold Jubilee — Celebrate your love with a custom 24CT piece of gold jewellery. Engrave it with your wedding date or initials to add a personal touch.

Discover Your Perfect Anniversary Gemstone with Us

As devoted jewellers in Adelaide and hopeful romantics, we cherish every opportunity to commemorate love and tradition with each passing wedding anniversary. Reach out to us for a personalised consultation today. It's our joy and privilege to assist couples in selecting the perfect gemstone that beautifully symbolises their shared journey. Let us be part of your love story.

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Finding the Perfect Metal Harmony for Your Custom Jewellery

Collaborating with a jeweller on the design and creation can be a rewarding process. It is a unique opportunity to create a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece that matches your style, preferences and budget.

The Perfect Metal for Your Gift

An occasionally overlooked aspect of choosing jewellery is how the metal complements your skin tone. Here's a quick guide:

  • Gold and Rose Gold naturally enhance the warmth of sun-kissed skin, complementing its natural radiance for a sophisticated, bold look.
  • Silver or White Gold suits the cool undertones of softer skin, offering a modern, luminous look.
  • Lucky to have a neutral undertone? Platinum, stainless steel, silver and gold all pair beautifully, giving you the freedom to explore various options without worrying about clashing with your natural skin tones.

Finding the Perfect Match

 A carat rating tells you exactly the percentage of pure gold in a piece of gold jewellery. The higher the carat, the purer gold there is. However, navigating the different carat options can be confusing. Here's a breakdown: 

  • For Active Lifestyles 

Lower-carat gold is an excellent choice for those who lead busy, active lifestyles looking for rings, bracelets, necklaces and everyday jewellery, as they are more resistant to scratches and dents. 

  • Luxurious Living 

Opting for 18ct (75% gold) is ideal for those who prefer a more opulent and iconic gold finish. While it provides a luxurious appearance, it requires careful handling to preserve its quality. 

  • Sensitive Skin 

Choosing a higher carat gold, like 18ct (75% gold), is a hypoallergenic metal option for those with sensitive skin. These purer forms are less likely to trigger allergic reactions.

Making the Right Choice

For the best finish and gold clarity that stays within budget, we recommend higher-carat gold, which balances purity, durability and cost, making it a popular choice for everyday wear. However, the right type of gold for your loved ones should align with their lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, and your budget.

Take the First Step Towards Creating Your Custom Piece

Looking for custom jewellery in Adelaide? Our team can help you select the perfect metal, stone, and design for your signature piece. Reach out to us, and let's start designing your one-of-a-kind statement jewellery that reflects your vision and complements your loved one.

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Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diamond Ring Setting

Are you overwhelmed by the task of selecting a diamond ring that embodies both luxury and value? You are not alone. Finding a ring that sparkles with elegance and holds its value  over time is a quest that many embark upon. 

In this guide, we will take you on a journey through the enchanting world of diamond settings, where each piece is not just a symbol of love but a life-long investment.

The Four Cs of Diamond Quality 

The first step when creating a custom diamond ring is determining the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. These characteristics affect not only the radiance of your diamond but also its value.

Selecting a Metal that Complements Your Diamond

Each metal brings its own unique character to the design, allowing you to craft a ring that truly reflects your style and the essence of your love. Let us explore the options:

  • Rose Gold: Trendy and versatile, perfect for unique and stylish choices.
  • Yellow Gold: Timeless and traditional, ideal for classic beauty.
  • White Gold: Durable and sleek, best for those who favour silver-toned jewellery.
  • Platinum: Rare and durable, symbolising an enduring love.

Finding the Perfect Setting Style

In the world of diamond rings, various settings offer a range of styles and symbolism. Our collection includes a variety of settings: 

  • Classic and Timeless 

The Solitaire Setting, with its lone diamond, speaks of pure and unique love. Princess Cut and Emerald Cut are for those who find beauty in understated sophistication. 

  • Romantic and Symbolic 

The Heart Ring is a direct expression of love, perfect for the true romantic at heart. The Five-Stone Setting tells a story of love through time, ideal for those who cherish life's shared chapters. 

  • Decorative and Unique 

For the lover of intricate beauty, the Halo, Pavé and Diamond Dress Rings are a dance of light and shadow, while the Marquise Cut Out is for those who adore vintage charm. 

  • Modern and Contemporary 

The Baguette Setting and Curved Setting are crafted for the modern spirit, with the Two-Tone design offering a bold and contemporary embrace. 

  • Symbolic and Eternal 

The Eternity Ring is a circle of unbroken love, a fitting tribute to a renewed commitment that knows no end. 

  • Colourful and Vibrant 

For those whose love is as colourful as it is deep, the Sapphire & Diamond Ring melds the sparkle of diamonds with the rich hues of sapphires.

Your Diamond Ring = a Testament of Love

The process of selecting the perfect ring, metal, and setting is a significant and emotionally charged journey. At James Thredgold, our goal is to create an enchanting and unforgettable experience by providing exceptional selections and guidance.

Our Adelaide boutique located in Norwood offers a serene and romantic environment, far from the hustle and bustle of crowded shopping centres. Visit us to discover how we can help you find a diamond ring that truly symbolises your love.

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Preserving the Elegance of Your Pearls

Has your pearl jewellery started losing its ethereal glow? Like all precious things, pearls require careful maintenance to preserve their natural elegance and integrity. Regular rethreading is vital to this maintenance, especially for those seeking professional jewellery repairs in Adelaide. This process ensures the longevity of your cherished pieces and keeps them looking good for longer.

Essential Pearl Home Care For Everlasting Beauty

These simple practices help maintain the beauty and integrity of your pearl jewellery. Caring for pearls effectively involves a few key steps:

  1. After wearing, lightly wipe pearls with a soft cloth to remove body oils and residues.
  2. Check for scratches or wear, as friction can reduce their brilliance.
  3. Keep pearls separate from other jewellery to avoid scratches, preferably in a soft pouch.
  4. Ensure pearl necklaces are re-strung regularly to prevent breakage.
  5. Do not immerse pearls in water to protect their delicate structure.

Why Regular Rethreading is Crucial for Pearl Jewellery

With time, pearl jewellery can lose its radiance and charm, with threads stretching, fraying or dulling. Explore the advantages of regular rethreading: 

  • Preserving Pearl Integrity 

Pearls are strung on delicate threads that, over time, can weaken and become susceptible to breakage. Regular rethreading prevents the loss of any precious pearls while extending the life of your jewellery. 

  • Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal 

Worn or discoloured threads can diminish the beauty of pearl jewellery. Rethreading refreshes its appearance, making your pearls look as luminous as the day you bought them. 

  • Pearl Protection 

The process often involves adding knots between each pearl, reducing friction and the risk of scratches to the delicate nacre coating. 

  • Adjustment and Customisation 

Rethreading offers the chance to adjust the length or style of your pearl jewellery, allowing for personalisation and updates to match current trends. 

  • Professional Insight 

When you bring your pearls in for rethreading, experienced jewellers can inspect for other issues, such as loose clasps or damaged pearls, ensuring comprehensive care.

Quality Jewellery Repairs in Adelaide 

Choosing the best jeweller for rethreading is as important as the process itself. At James Thredgold Jeweller, we pride ourselves on meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our skilled artisans ensure your pearls are handled with the utmost care and expertise.

Breathing New Life into Heirlooms

Do not let your beautiful pearls lose their opulence. For expert rethreading and jewellery repair services in Adelaide, trust James Thredgold Jeweller. Contact us to ensure your pearl jewellery continues to captivate and shine for years to come.

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2023's Leading Engagement Ring Trends in Adelaide

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Exploring the Exquisite Diamond Ring Collection from Roberto Coin

Witness timeless elegance with Roberto Coin’s diamond ring collection, now available online at James Thredgold Jeweller. Every piece in this collection tells a story of luxury, sophistication and the unique artistry that goes into creating something magical. From rings that symbolise love to statement pieces that exude glamour, let us delve into this world of opulence. Continue reading

Add Longevity to Your Favourite Jewels with Jewellery Repairs in Adelaide

Jewellery is more than just an accessory: it is often a sentiment, a memory or even an heirloom. Your favourite pieces of jewellery hold a special place in your heart, and over time, they might show signs of wear and tear. However, there is no need to bid farewell to your cherished adornments just yet.  Continue reading