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3 Reasons to Fall in Love with Custom Gemstone Rings

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Custom gemstone rings are appealing in the most unique way. They add personality, meaning and glamour to any outfit and lift your mood on any occasion. If you have never ventured into this style of accessorising, pay attention as we present the top 3 reasons to fall in love with custom-designed gemstone rings this season.

1) Made Just For You 

Some of the most adored gemstones include rubies, amethyst, aquamarine, sapphire and emerald. There are, however, numerous gemstones to choose from. The beautiful thing about custom gemstone rings is that they are designed especially and exclusively for you. You have complete control over the cut and style of your bespoke gemstone ring, and it will be a precious item that you carry close to your heart throughout your life.

2) Every Gem Tells a Story 

Gemstones are known for their symbolism. You may decide to have your ring made with your birthstone or any other stone that carries special meaning. Explore the various gemstones that are out there and you might just be enthralled by what you find, as each gem tells a captivating story. 

Did you know that amethyst is associated with royalty and peace and is linked to the ancient Greeks? The aquamarine gemstone is associated with the calmness of water and is believed to reduce stress. The list is endless, and each story is as satisfying as the stone.

3) The Richness of Colour 

Our final reason to love custom gemstone rings is their rich, vibrant colours. Unlike diamonds that are loved for their clarity, gemstones are cherished for their vast range of hues, which take you on a journey from light to deep shades of almost any colour imaginable. Discover the wonder of reds, turquoise blues, greens, purples and even shades of golden brown and pink. Gemstone rings can suit any outfit, any occasion and any mood, and they are at the top of our list of favourite picks for fashion rings this season.

Order your custom gemstone rings from James Thredgold Jeweller in Adelaide for mesmerising designs and quality. Our expert designers will carefully and thoughtfully create your ideal ring to suit your personal style.