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Celebrate Each Anniversary with Gemstone Gifts

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The tradition of gemstone anniversary gifts can be traced back to ancient Rome, where specific materials were assigned to different anniversary years. Over time, the practice evolved and various cultures adopted and adapted it, leading to the gemstone system we know today.

Send the right message with the help of your trusted jewellers in Adelaide based on its symbolism and personal connections.

The Early Years: Foundations of Love

  • 1st Anniversary: Gold Jewellery — Opt for a classic gold pendant or an 18ct gold chain to commemorate the warmth of your first year.
  • 2nd Anniversary: Garnet — A deep red garnet bracelet or garnet-studded cuff links can represent your blossoming love and commitment.
  • 3rd Anniversary: Pearl Choose pearl earrings or a custom pearl tie pin to symbolise the emerging beauty of your relationship.
  • 4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz — Gift blue topaz earrings or a blue topaz watch face to celebrate four years of stability and understanding.
  • 5th Anniversary: Sapphire — Mark this milestone with a sapphire ring or a sapphire-encrusted brooch, reflecting strength and fidelity.

Strengthening Your Bond

  • 6th Anniversary: Amethyst — An amethyst pendant or amethyst bracelet can be perfect for celebrating six years of deepening bonds.
  • 7th Anniversary: Onyx — Onyx and diamond earrings or an onyx signet ring symbolise protection and security.
  • 8th Anniversary: Tourmaline — Choose a tourmaline charm bracelet and earring set or a sleek black titanium ring with a small green tourmaline inlay, embracing the colourful diversity of your relationship.
  • 9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli — A Roberto Coin Ring or tie clip made of lapis and gold symbolises the mutual wisdom and understanding shared between two people.
  • 10th Anniversary: Diamond Jewellery — Celebrate a decade together with diamond stud earrings or a classic diamond watch, symbolising enduring love.

Honouring the Milestone Years

  • 15th Anniversary: Ruby — A ruby heart pendant or a ruby & diamond ring symbolises the passionate bond.
  • 20th Anniversary: Emerald — An emerald ring or emerald-encrusted cuff links to represent the years of growth.
  • 25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee — Choose silver photo frames or a custom silver jewellery piece to mark a quarter-century of brilliance together.
  • 30th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee — Celebrate with a classic pearl strand or a gorgeous pearl and diamond bracelet that makes a bold statement, symbolising three decades of rare beauty.

Embracing the Golden Years

  • 40th Anniversary: Ruby Jubilee — Embrace the timeless beauty of a ruby pendant necklace or diamond ruby ring to reaffirm the passion of forty years.
  • 50th Anniversary: Gold Jubilee — Celebrate your love with a custom 24CT piece of gold jewellery. Engrave it with your wedding date or initials to add a personal touch.

Discover Your Perfect Anniversary Gemstone with Us

As devoted jewellers in Adelaide and hopeful romantics, we cherish every opportunity to commemorate love and tradition with each passing wedding anniversary. Reach out to us for a personalised consultation today. It's our joy and privilege to assist couples in selecting the perfect gemstone that beautifully symbolises their shared journey. Let us be part of your love story.