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From Carbon to Masterpiece: Journey of Argyle Pink Diamonds

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Deep under the ground in Western Australia, billions of years ago, a story began—the story of the Argyle Pink Diamonds.

James Thredgold is honoured to be associated with these stunning diamonds and their journey to our workshop, where we can only enhance their natural beauty by setting them in our finest jewellery designs.

Creating a Legacy

The Argyle Diamond Mine, located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, has long been considered one of the best sources of pink diamonds in the world. Over ninety per cent of all pink diamonds were mined here. Unfortunately, after nearly four decades of production, the mine closed in 2020.

What is most important to note is that the pink diamonds from this mine were not ordinary in any way. They possess an unmatched intensity and vibrancy of colour, credited specifically to the unique geological conditions within the mine.

Special Grading System

You may be familiar with the conventional diamond grading system called the “Four C’s”. Diamonds are classified based on four characteristics, namely cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. But the magic of the Argyle diamonds lies specifically in their colour.

This diamond comes in shades of pink, from subtle to intensely vivid. Some even contain secondary colours like purple and orange.

Given all of this, it was difficult to correctly grade this stunning stone, so the Argyle Diamond Company devised a dedicated grading system that also considers these three factors:

  • Hue: This refers to the dominant colour category and potentially modifying hues like purple or orange, adding a unique twist.
  • Saturation: This describes the colour’s strength or intensity, ranging from light pink to an intensely vivid saturated pink.
  • Tone: This defines the natural lightness or darkness of the diamond, adding another layer of complexity.

Converting Rough Stones Into Magnificent Masterpieces

At the hands of the most skilled artisans, these unique gems were carefully examined, then lovingly polished and cut to display their delicate inner beauty. The process was carried out meticulously to ensure that the natural colour of each stone could be revealed to its best advantage.

Today, we are privileged to be a trusted source for assured provenance and custodianship of these rare beauties.

Contact James Thredgold for an exclusive piece of jewellery, custom-designed to reveal the inner secrets of the Argyle Pink Diamonds.