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The Story: Adelaide Jeweller's World Cup Trophy Ring

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The 2023 Cricket World Cup Final was always going to be a tough match for Australia, as they were playing against India in India. But in the end, there could only be one winner – and to everyone’s delight, it was our very own team.

This victory set in motion an Adelaide jeweller’s quest to manufacture commemorative World Cup Trophy rings for the players. So, we thought we would share some of the journey of how this came about.

The Connection

During the games, player Travis Head was instrumental in building a partnership that saw the Australian team edge closer to the victory line. After the match, James Thredgold texted Travis to congratulate him, having previously made his engagement rings. This started a conversation about how the game could be commemorated, and the idea of World Cup Trophy rings was born.

The Design Process

It wasn’t easy coming up with a design that would appeal to sixteen different individual men. Initially, a universal style was adopted to ensure it was well received by everyone. However, the elements of the trophy, the ball and the national colours of green and gold also had to be incorporated into the design.

James set about refining the design to ensure all of these elements were given the importance they deserved.

From Design Idea To Final Product

Once the design was finalised, the expertise of the master jewellers came to the fore. The intricate details were produced, notably the seam on the cricket ball, which is a work of art on each of the sixteen rings.

The Honour of The Ring

The rings were handed out to the players at a special December function in Melbourne for them and their wives. These World Cup rings are more than a piece of jewellery; they symbolise the players' unwavering dedication and teamwork. And they commemorate the pinnacle of cricketing achievement—the World Cup.

Each ring is a tangible reminder of the blood, sweat and countless hours of training culminating in this fine victory.

The team at James Thredgold is honoured to have contributed to this historic win and to provide each player with a timeless reminder of their moment in cricketing history.

You can be assured that the attention to detail our Adelaide jewellers paid to the World Cup trophy rings is the same as will be applied to your bespoke jewellery creation. Contact James Thredgold today to find out how we can create a unique piece that celebrates your story.