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Where to Get Argyle Pink Diamond Jewellery For Sale in Adelaide

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What gives a diamond its rare quality? It all depends on how easy it is to source that particular diamond, its unique lustre and its market value. For decades, Argyle pink diamonds have been known worldwide to have extraordinary value and fetch a generous price for their worth. 

In 1985, the Rio Tinto mine was opened in Western Australia, with just a fraction of the stones mined being pink. They could not be found anywhere else in the world. This led to a global demand for these exquisite diamonds, and today, Argyle pink diamonds for sale are keenly sought after.  

Why You Won’t Find Pink Diamonds At Just Any Jewellery Store 

Having mined to its full capacity, the legendary mine for Argyle pink diamonds is now closed, and the stones available at selected ateliers of Argyle pink diamond jewellery are the last of their kind. For this reason, anyone in search of pink diamonds will have a hard time finding them in just any store. They are simply too precious to be freely distributed to the masses. 

These original pink diamonds are reserved for true diamond lovers ‒ those with a taste for superior quality and the willingness to pay the price for their immense value. Argyle pink diamonds come in varying shades of pink, and the darker the pink, the more valuable the diamond. Only a few handpicked jewellers across the world have the sovereignty to sell these diamonds.

The Story Of Trust Behind James Thredgold Jewellers 

James Thredgold Jeweller is proud to be an important link in the Argyle pink diamonds’ curated chain of custody. As a selected atelier for these increasingly rare diamonds, we are in an honorary position to be able to preserve their value for diamond connoisseurs in Australia and make sure that they land gently in the hands of the purchasers who will adore and appreciate their intrinsic value. 

We have always been a fine jewellery specialist that supports sustainable mining, and this makes us the perfect custodian of these delicate pink diamonds. We uphold the legacy of pure quality and unmatched beauty that is associated with Argyle pink diamond jewellery in every single diamond that is entrusted to our care. 

As an established jeweller, our customers can also buy their pink diamonds safely, knowing that we supply only the highest quality, most authentic diamond jewellery that is to be found in Adelaide.

For original Argyle pink diamond jewellery for sale, trust none other than James Thredgold Jeweller. Visit us in Adelaide or get in touch here.