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Why Argyle Pink Diamonds Are An Ethical Choice

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The search for authentic, ethically sourced diamonds can lead you down many paths, one of them being towards Argyle Pink Diamonds. These beautiful, rare diamonds with a mysterious spectrum of colour have been mined for decades in the protected Argyle mine in Western Australia that supplied over 90% of the world’s pink diamonds.

Mining at Argyle ceased in November 2020, and the final collection of diamonds were showcased in Belgium a few months ago. Now, their rarity has been elevated to a whole new level. In this blog, we will explore the authenticity and ethical mining of these unique stones that have captivated diamond lovers across the world.


The traditional owners of the Argyle mining area have always felt a deep respect and connection to their land and took all necessary precautions to ensure that Argyle pink diamonds were sourced sustainably with no harm to the environment. Each diamond is handled with extreme care and vigilance from the time it is unearthed. The superior worth of these diamonds is perfectly in line with their intimate mining process and rarity. The more intense the colour, the more expensive the stone.

There are lower-priced options on the market, such as colour-enhanced pink diamonds, which have been altered from their natural condition in order to improve their physical appearance and characteristics and/or minimise their flaws. Another reason for this is for laser drilling to remove black carbon inclusions contained within diamonds. But none of these offer the exquisite untouched quality of authentic Argyle pink diamonds, which are not altered in any way. Naturally beautiful and ethically sourced, they make a fine choice for diamond jewellery.  


James Thredgold is a diamond atelier in Norwood, Adelaide, that takes great pride in offering you Argyle Pink Diamonds. Every diamond over fifteen points (0.15 carats) is laser inscribed and issued with an Argyle Pink Diamonds Gem Identification Document. These natural stones, with their vibrant yet delicate shades of pink, are available at our boutique stores. 

Our diamonds are ethically sourced and form part of a greater sustainability relationship within the community. To find out more, call us on +61 8 8431 9141 or visit our site.