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Your Guide to Pulling Off The Perfect Engagement Surprise

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You are ready to pop the question but want the engagement ring to be as unique as your love story. A custom engagement ring is the answer—a one-of-a-kind creation that reflects your partner's style and personality. But how do you pull off a surprise custom ring that will leave them speechless? We have all the secrets to making it happen.

Tactics to Keep Your Proposal a Surprise (and Get That Ring Size!)

The first step is to figure out their ring size discreetly. The simplest way is to do some detective work on your own. You could gently wrap a piece of string around your partner's finger at night and make a mark where the ends meet to measure your partner's finger. However, this would need considerable care on your part!!!

Other methods could be to borrow a ring they already wear or enlist the help of a trusted friend to help you. If all else fails, use average ring sizes as a starting point. Most women's ring sizes fall between 5 and 7. A jeweller can easily resize the ring later.

Collaborative Design

Next, gather information about their style preferences while keeping the surprise under wraps. Notice the styles they admire in stores or online. Do they prefer classic, vintage, modern or unique designs? Create a secret Pinterest board or save images of rings they like.

If your partner isn't the suspicious type, casually wander into a jewellery shop on your next shopping spree together and look at everything from watches to rings. Pay attention to the styles and gemstones they are drawn towards. This will help your jeweller combine all the elements of the rings she adores to create a custom piece.

The Custom Design Process

Consider cut, colour, clarity and carat weight, but most importantly, choose a stone that feels right. The setting and metal should complement the stone and your partner's style. Partnering with an experienced custom jeweller like James Thredgold ensures your vision will come to life.

Through sketches and 3D models, you will be able to see the final product and provide feedback until it is perfect.

Ready to design a custom engagement ring that will take their breath away? Book a consultation with James Thredgold, and let us help you create the perfect symbol of your undying love.