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Inspired by the classic pilot watches from the 1940s the SOLO is a beautiful chronometer leaving a long lasting impression on the wearer. No pilot ever forgets their first solo flight and the exhilaration as the wheels leave the runway. Initially used for navigation, the complexity of pilots' watches developed in line with aviation's technological advances. Now we can reach the highest altitudes at supersonic speeds a pilot's watch will always be vital equipment. This polished steel case will undergoes a hardening treatment, providing high impact resistance but still retaining its polished surface finish.

· Modified calibre 11 ½''' BE-36AE automatic chronometer,with 38-hour power reserve
· Hardened polished stainless steel Bremont Trip-Tick® construction with scratch resistant DLC treated case barrel, 43mm
· Water resistant to 10 ATM, 100 metres
·black leather strap