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What A Diamond Ring In Adelaide Says About You

Diamonds have become universally synonymous with being the standard of longevity - truly a testament to time in terms of creation and symbolism of eternal commitment. At James Thredgold, we offer not only a premium selection of diamond rings that will captivate the affections of your beloved, but we are also trusted to be one of only a few authorised Argyle Pink Diamond Select Ateliers in the world, and these pink diamonds, we feel, truly capture the heart. Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Consider Custom Jewellery As A Gift

When it comes to the act of gifting a loved one, it can sometimes be difficult to express your affections and feelings in one simple offering. Because of this, people panic, buying an array of oddball items in the hope that this will communicate the heartfelt message they intend. But have you considered taking that money and putting it toward a single special item that is so personal that nobody in the world has it or will?  Continue reading

Compelling Benefits Of Investing In A Custom Engagement Ring

It should come as no surprise that the emphasis on designing and being part of the crafting process of creating your special engagement ring holds far more sentimental weight than that of seeing a presumably gorgeous diamond in a catalogue or a shop window. In Adelaide, it can be a difficult decision to select a jeweller and entrust them with such an im Continue reading

Discover The Finest Jewellery In Adelaide

A jeweller is so much more than a place to find a piece of jewellery. A great jewellery store offers not only the highest delivery of services but helps you curate the very best pieces to suit your desires. You need both an exciting array of options and an experienced jeweller to guide you through the process. Find what you are looking for and more with our bespoke jewellery offerings.

Continue reading

Personalise Your Style With Handcrafted Jewellery In Adelaide

Traditionally crafted jewellery is an absolute treasure to behold. Not only is your jewellery one of the best ways to express yourself and your personal style, but the choices you make tell a story about who you are and speak volumes about your journey. Continue reading

Introducing Arm Candy II Bracelet

Introducing Arm Candy II Bracelet
Argyle's latest limited edition collectable is absolutely beautiful! Showcasing rare Argyle Pink Diamonds and stunning white baguette diamonds Continue reading