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Choose Our Adelaide Jewellery Supply For Your Unique Wedding Ring

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Wedding rings are a unique symbol of commitment and eternal love between two people. These emblems of love can be found in James Thredgold jewellery shops in Adelaide. James Thredgold is a trusted name in the industry.

The ring symbolises marriage, exchanged between a couple on their special day. These rings are made from precious metals to represent durability and strength within a relationship. Their round shape is also an ode to infinity, timelessness, perfection and wholeness ‒ all unique and special attributes of marriage. 

So, what can an Adelaide atelier offer regarding breathtaking wedding rings? We discuss this below. 


Diamonds in a wedding ring will always be an excellent choice. They represent elegance, refined beauty and romance. Importantly, they symbolise eternal love due to their durability and beauty, making them fantastic choices as lifelong symbols of commitment and romantic partnership. With many gorgeous designs to choose from, we wanted to highlight our favourites. 

The curved diamond ring is an excellent choice for something whimsical and elegant. Alternatively, this emerald-cut diamond is more of a bold statement, communicating effortless style and sophistication. 

Yellow & White Gold

The foundation of all rings starts with a highly-durable and sophisticated precious metal, with gold being a popular choice for many. Gold is available in various attractive options, such as yellow, white and rose gold. Yellow and white gold are traditional options for wedding rings and still reign supreme to this day. 

Rose Gold 

Rose gold as a wedding band is an incredibly popular and feminine choice in the modern wedding age. Due to its gorgeous blush tone, it is a prevalent choice among women seeking out a less traditional and more modern option. Rose gold is incredibly stylish, showing off the wearer's inner personality and desire to walk a unique path outside the bounds of tradition. 

When you marry your special someone, Adelaide jewellery suppliers can fulfil your need for the perfect wedding ring. James Thredgold offers several breathtaking designs and customisable options to suit anyone's unique taste preferences. From diamonds, golds, simplicity and statement, we are here to cater to your needs.

Visit our online shop today and browse our wedding rings to select your perfect Adelaide jewellery.