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Why Argyle Pink Diamond Jewellery For Sale Should Be Turning Heads

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The Argyle name is synonymous with rare pink diamonds and, at its peak, the Argyle mine was responsible for producing over 90% of the world's pink diamonds. Thus Argyle diamonds are an extremely rare type of diamond, so rare that they have a market value of over $100,000 per carat. No wonder these diamonds are the most expensive and most sought-after diamond among jewellery connoisseurs. 

To find Argyle pink diamond jewellery for sale either online or in boutique jewellery stores in Adelaide is a discovery worth noting. We take a look at why this is an extraordinary opportunity not to be overlooked.

Rare Beauty Of Pink Diamonds

As the name suggests, Argyle pink diamonds are diamonds with varying shades of pink. What makes them revered across the world? They are found only in one place on the entire globe: the Argyle Mine in Australia. But wait, the story gets more captivating! 

The Argyle Mine is now officially closed for production, meaning that the Argyle pink diamonds found in jewellery boutiques around the world are the very last of their kind. This is the rare beauty of these diamonds, which makes them some of the most expensive gems on earth. Now imagine coming across Argyle pink diamond jewellery for sale. It would be the ultimate dream come true and is worth every bit to invest in such a find.

Versatile Diamonds To Last A Lifetime 

Adding to the rich indigenous history and rare qualities of Argyle pink diamonds is the fact that their charm is tremendously versatile. Given their connection to the people of the land surrounding the mine, these diamonds have been sustainably mined to ensure that each stone presented to you is of the highest quality and sourced with care. 

The pink hues go from very pale to rosy shades to bright cherry blossom and deep red tones with an undercurrent of blush pink. This vast range of colours makes Argyle pink diamonds perfect for any occasion, and they can suit all fashion styles. Put simply, anyone who discovers Argyle pink diamonds for sale would do themselves a great favour by securing at least one of these rare diamonds as their own to behold in the future.

Contact James Thredgold Jeweller to find the most gorgeous Argyle pink diamonds for sale this season. We are a trusted custodian of Argyle pink diamonds and will continue to share their beauty with our customers.