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Experience Customised Aquamarine Ring Design By Specialists

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Diamonds may be the hardest stone, and it’s partly why they’ve been preferred as engagement rings, but softer stones like aquamarine and purple amethyst are at the forefront of modern trends. If you’re interested in aquamarine ring design for an engagement or special occasion gift, keep reading to find out all you need to know about rings made with this precious gem.

Select An Aquamarine Ring Design Specialist 

Aquamarine is a unique, captivating stone, with its icy blue colour and mesmerising tones. It catches the light and exhibits a most delicate hue, making it a showstopper. However, it’s important to note that it is a soft stone and therefore not as durable as diamonds or rubies. Nonetheless, celebrities and jewellery connoisseurs don aquamarine since it is the birthstone for people born in March and symbolises prosperity. 

Whether it carries sentimental value for you or if you’ve picked it for your engagement ring, be sure to consult a specialist for your aquamarine ring design. Being a softer stone, it requires careful, precision handling and only an experienced jeweller like James Thredgold will be able to handle this for you without any damage to the stone.

Bespoke Creations By Jewellery Experts

This particular stone looks good in so many different designs, it can become hard to choose. Let a bespoke jeweller like James Thredgold assist you with a custom aquamarine ring design that you will fall in love with immediately. These stones can be set in sterling silver, gold, white gold or in a crown of diamonds. 

For example, an oval cut aquamarine set in a halo of diamonds would look stunning with an evening dress or ball gown. A cushion cut aquamarine set in diamonds and a yellow gold band is equally desirable, or try an emerald cut or pear shaped aquamarine and a platinum band for something truly magnificent. You can also combine aquamarine with sapphire for intriguing shades of blue in a single ring. Whatever your preference, our expert jewellery designers will create the aquamarine ring design of your dreams.

For a touch of class and aquamarine ring designs that are out of this world, get in touch with James Thredgold Jeweller. We’re a bespoke jewellery designer and engagement ring specialist in Adelaide with years of experience and special focus on superior customer service that our clients love and look forward to with every encounter.