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Gemstone Rings That Add Glamour To Any Ensemble And Occasion

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Gemstone rings glimmer in a class of their own and are equally as loved and sought after as their diamond counterparts. Gemstones refer to all precious and semi-precious stones that often come in a kaleidoscope of stunning colours from pale to deep shades and are worn in a variety of ways as elegant jewels, be it bracelets, necklaces or rings. 

With many people looking for affordable yet sophisticated gemstones, we have created this easy guide to gorgeous gems that are versatile enough to be your choice for an engagement ring or special occasion accessory.

Ravishing Ruby 

Rubies are bold, rare and have a warm appeal. If you are considering a gemstone ring as a special gift or an engagement ring, a ruby makes a gratifying choice. Set in a white gold diamond studded band, your ruby will stand out with elegance and charm, adding a regal beauty to any outfit and giving the owner the feeling of being a princess.

Aquamarine & Sapphire In One 

James Thredgold is proud of this unique gemstone ring design which features an oval shape with aquamarine and sapphire stones on one ring. The mix of deep and light hues of blue capture the imagination in a breathtaking design, making this an ultimate showstopper. Speak to our experienced jewellery designers about a similar design custom-made to your fit.

Captivating Green Tourmaline

A cushion cut green tourmaline set in a luxurious bed of diamonds is a fine choice when it comes to gemstone rings. Tourmaline comes in various colours, including black, pink, blue and even grey, but this particular green stone is gentle on the eye and has an intriguing quality that makes it stand out from other stones. Dress it up or down, or have it cut to your liking in a completely original design.

James Thredgold Jeweller is a boutique jeweller and jewellery design specialist offering an eclectic assortment of gemstones for different occasions and all budgets. View our gemstone rings and other precious and semi-precious stone jewellery here. We offer the most compelling bespoke designs and quality gems that are sustainably sourced for presentation to you, our valued clients.