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Glam Up Your Handshake This Year With Gucci Watches

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What is the Gucci handshake? It is one that attracts the eye. As the eye lingers, it notices the finer details of exquisite Italian design and craftsmanship. This is the handshake of purpose and confidence and is the reason why fashion lovers will be glamming up with Gucci watches this year. When you put on that Gucci watch, it says you know what you want out of life ‒ and you are going to get it. 

Dripping With Style 

Gucci watches have been known for their timeless, lasting quality and innovation over the years.  Both men and women's watches have that Italian stamp of iconic style that appeals to the modern fashionista. From sun-brushed dials to the embossed G emblem, these unique touches are what bring Gucci watches to the fore and give them the edge over competitors. Three-dimensional sophistication combined with geometric form will transform your look to one that says, ‘Watch out world! I’m here to leave my mark.’

A Story Behind Each Watch  

Alongside the enduring style of Gucci watches is the fact that each one is unique but carries the intriguing history of the Italian house behind it. Italian born Guccio Gucci founded the House of Gucci in 1906 in Florence. He was an exceptional craftsman and sold luxury items, which led him to open a boutique in Rome in 1938. After he died in 1953, his son Aldo continued the legacy by opening more stores. The first Gucci store in New York opened that same year and soon many more were launched in London, Paris and Tokyo. Gucci had made its mark on the world as one of the leading luxury brands and eventually made its entrance into the watch market in the late 1990s. Gucci watches are mesmerising to look at and embody an attitude of forward-thinking, precision and attention to detail. 

Gucci Watches Online 

James Thredgold Jeweller in Adelaide offers a premium selection of Gucci watches for men and women. At James Thredgold, we understand how gorgeous jewellery can enhance your beauty and express your personal sense of style. We understand the importance of uncompromised quality in design and workmanship and that beauty is in the finer details. For Gucci watches and other pieces that embody this philosophy of timeless elegance, visit James Thredgold or shop our selection of Gucci men's watches or Gucci ladies watches online.