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How To Identify Authentic Gucci Watches

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Time is money, and the phrase becomes quite literal with a collection of Gucci watches. Now, time embodies elegance, luxury and style. Gucci is a fashion house that has become part of the worldwide language of style. You can wear the brand and make a statement anywhere around the world. Especially striking and distinctive are Gucci watches, as breathtaking on display as adorning the wrist of a fashion icon.

Gucci features a remarkable variety of designs that are constantly evolving to sit at the forefront of fashion, often breaking the mould and taking risks that consistently pay off. Very few luxury watch brands can compare.

High-end fashion designers are aware of and contend with counterfeits on a very large scale. Some counterfeits are very convincing, but a Gucci watch will carry with it indications of authenticity. Here is your essential guide on how to identify an authentic Gucci watch.

The Mark Of Authenticity By Gucci

  • Unique Serial Number And Certificate: One of the surest ways to check for authenticity is to look at the back of the case for the watch's serial number. Anything else written on the back of the case indicates a counterfeit. Gucci watches are also sold with a certificate of authenticity which features the unique serial number found on the back of the box.
  • Swiss-Made Banner: Not all watches by Gucci feature a logo as part of the design, but you will be able to distinguish the real deal if it features the "Swiss made" banner below the 6 o'clock position.
  • Swiss Quartz Movement: Gucci watches are powered by a Swiss quartz movement, which ensures that the hands of the timepieces move smoothly. If you hear or notice a ticking noise instead of a smooth rotation of the hands on the dial, a cheaper mechanism is most likely to blame. This is a sure sign of a counterfeit.
  • Price Point: The final indication is the price point. Designer watch brands from industry-leading fashion houses are iconic, luxury fashion statements. Although we live in a time where some designs are more affordable than ever, any merchant selling a Gucci watch for a ridiculously low price point or any merchant willing to strike a bargain with you is more than likely selling a fake.

Trust A Reputable Supplier

James Thredgold has been in the business of designing and handcrafting timeless jewellery for 25 years. The boutique also values style, luxury and authenticity and selects, sources and sells iconic Gucci watches. 

Operating a warm, personalised and bespoke service to all its clientele, the boutique has grown a loyal following and a reputable brand identity. You can find authentic Gucci watches for sale at the James Thredgold boutique and workshop at the beautiful new premises on The Parade in Norwood. Contact us for all enquiries at 08 8431 9141.