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Looking For Dress Rings In Adelaide? Discover Roberto Coin Designs

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In your search for engagement and dress rings in Adelaide, you might have come across Italian jewellery designer Roberto Coin who continues making waves in the international fashion world. He’s renowned for saying, “Fashion is changeable. It is whimsical. Style is not. Style is part of us, of our life, in every moment and every expression.” 

Let us take a closer look at the brand and why his designs make compelling options for anyone looking for truly unique fashionable dress rings and statement pieces.

Who Is Roberto Coin? 

Roberto Coin is an ex-hotelier who left his career to delve into the world of jewellery design based on his innate love for art and fashion. Coin was born in Venice but went to boarding school in Switzerland after his father's death, and he then travelled to England after his graduation. In 1977 he returned to Italy and settled in Vicenza, where he later established his jewellery company. He learnt his craft of jewellery manufacturing from the Italian masters. It is this authentic passion for beauty and art and his romantic imagination that is present in each Roberto Coin design.

Alluring Designs

Each Roberto Coin design is a statement piece, and the intimate story behind each one makes them intriguing investments for jewellery enthusiasts. Choose from the Italian inspired Love In Verona ring collection or the Princess Flower Ring as some of the bold options. As a truly unique signature, Roberto Coin inserts a small ruby on the inside of each ring as a gentle kiss on the skin of the person wearing it. He refers to the ruby as the essence of his jewellery, serving as his symbolic gift of success, endurance and happiness to his faithful clients. 

The designer offers a vast range of high-level jewellery pieces in each of his collections, such as charismatic bracelets and necklaces that can be added to a gift or even an engagement set. The company is committed to using sustainable, raw materials and a transparent design and production process that increases its appeal among modern jewellery lovers.

Unforgettable Dress Rings In Adelaide 

James Thredgold Jeweller is proud to offer Roberto Coin designs to our clients in Australia and anyone looking for timeless dress rings and statement pieces. Shop our entire Roberto Coin collection here. For more options for necklaces, watches, earrings or engagement rings in Adelaide, browse our collections or contact us.