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Looking For Inspiration In Adelaide For Engagement Rings?

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If you are in Adelaide and looking for engagement rings that truly have the wow factor, we have put together some inspiring design ideas to get your creative juices flowing. An engagement is a special time in your life, a once-in-lifetime event that should be cherished in every way. That is why James Thredgold Jewellers recommend custom-designed engagement rings that encapsulate and immortalise your unique love story in precious stones and fine craftsmanship.

Classic Round Brilliant Cut Diamond With Gold Band

One of the most timeless, elegant styles of engagement rings is a classic round brilliant cut diamond set in 4 or 6 claws with an 18-carat yellow gold fine band. This style is a favourite among many brides as it will never lose its ageless beauty and can be customised in various ways. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds will give you the most lustre and beauty, catching the light from every angle. Choose the number of diamonds you want to have set down the shoulders, depending on how big or petite you want your ring to be. It is fit for a princess and designed especially for you by our exceptional jewellery designers.

Halo Diamond Ring

As if crafted by the very angels above, the Halo Diamond Ring embodies the attention-grabbing sparkle that brides desire to be displayed on their fingers. The halo diamond ring features a centre stone encircled by a ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds to enhance the centre diamond’s brilliance. The two most popular designs are 4 or 6 claw solitaire and a halo design ring, set on either a gold or white gold band. Even though halo diamond rings are trending for engagement rings, it’s a classic style that will never go out of fashion and are regarded as ideal heirloom rings. Additionally, no matter the diamond you can afford, the halo setting is most complimentary to enhancing its size.

Find Your Inspiration In Adelaide For Engagement Rings That Impress 

Diamond engagement rings in Adelaide have stood the test of time for their classic beauty and stoic resilience. Now it is your turn to choose your dream ring. James Thredgold Jewellers is a leading boutique jeweller in Adelaide for custom engagement rings. If you have the vision, we can help you bring it to life with expert advice about diamond cuts, size and weight, as well as what kind of band to choose that most suits your style. Book an appointment with us to discuss the engagement ring of your dreams and be prepared for a breathtaking reality.