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Love Story Gems: Engagement Rings and Wedding Jewellery

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Personal love stories stand out as one of the most wonderful parts of life. This is why engagement rings and wedding jewellery are so important in capturing the essence of your love in a tangible reminder.

As expert Adelaide jewellers and championship ring makers, we understand the significant role that jewellery plays in these milestone celebrations. We are dedicated to creating jewellery that reflects your unique love story.

From "Will You?" to "I Do"

Engagement rings and wedding jewellery both carry weight in the telling of your love story. The engagement ring symbolises the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life as a couple—serious and committed, beyond just dating.

Wedding jewellery echoes those special words of commitment at the altar, symbolising a life of love together.

Finding Rings that Reflect Your Love

The saying goes, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," and many couples choose this everlasting stone for their engagement rings. However, we believe that the engagement ring is a very personal statement and, therefore, offer an array of different styles, settings, cuts and gemstones to highlight your personal love story.

We offer a fully customised design service that begins with a consultation to help us understand your needs. The magic of your story should be evident in the design of the engagement ring, and we have the skills and experience to turn your ideas into reality.

Whether you are looking for something ultra-modern or wish to include family heirloom pieces in your design, we can help.

Wedding Jewellery to Complete the Look

When the big day comes, both partners deserve jewellery pieces that celebrate their commitment to one another—a life-changing milestone.

For brides:

  • Wedding band: To complement your engagement ring.
  • Earrings: From delicate studs to statement danglers.
  • Necklace: Popular choices include pendants, chokers and delicate chains. 
  • Bracelet: To add a touch of bling to your wrist. 
  • Hair accessories: Glamourise your hairdo with fancy tiaras, pins or slides.

For grooms

  • Wedding band: Often matching the bride's band. 
  • Cuff links: A classic way to add sophistication to your attire. 
  • Tie clip or bar: Understated elegance and functional too.
  • Watch: A practical accessory, often given as a gift from the bride.

Contact James Thredgold to find out how we can help you tell your remarkable story with jewellery pieces that complement your love for each other. You can expect nothing but excellence from the Adelaide jeweller who made the championship rings for the national cricket team.