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Make It Personal With Engagement rings in Adelaide

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Your love story is your own - unique, filled with moments of surprise and wonder, and deeply personal. So why should your engagement ring be any different? Our master design team at James Thredgold has spent years perfecting the art of capturing the essence not only of your ring’s beauty but of your personality in our custom-made engagement rings for Adelaide clients. Breathing life into your love story in the form of the perfect ring is something we do very well, and we offer both custom-designed and a premium selection of the classics to suit your preferences. So whether you opt for an existing design with personalised embellishments or whether you choose a one-of-a-kind design, we have something for every engagement. 

Play With Inspiration And Design

Our creative process involves many hours of creative thinking and consultation, hand-drawn sketches and fine-tuning selections. We invite you to explore our variety of gemstones, diamonds and masterfully crafted settings to get you started. Once you have had a chance to find what calls to you, we talk you through the process and discover even more about the details. Is a pink diamond the right choice? Are you looking for something bold and modern? Whether you want a showstopping and intricate design or prefer a classical, timeless look, we will guide you through the process before presenting you with some final options. Traditional techniques and expert artistry are what defines us. 

How To Get Started

Now that you have had a chance to wade through what inspires you, it’s time to get practical. Here are our top tips for finding the perfect ring:

  • Set a budget, decide how flexible you can be and make sure you communicate this with your designer
  • Have a consultation with your designer in order to impart your vision for the design or talk through any possibilities you may have overlooked 
  • Make a choice in terms of the jewel. Each gemstone has its own qualities, lifespan and care needs
  • Decide on the setting and precious metal to be used, bearing in mind taste/preferences as well as care needs
  • Make sure to have the ring made to size. Professional measurements are best but if you are planning on surprising your intended, try to use existing jewellery as an indicator

Make It Your Own - Find Your Perfect Ring Today

We are passionate about bespoke creations that form a part of your love story’s tapestry. Talk to our team at James Thredgold today to discuss engagement rings for Adelaide by calling +61 8 8431 9141 or using our online contact form. We can’t wait to hear your love story!