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Personalise Your Style With Handcrafted Jewellery In Adelaide

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Traditionally crafted jewellery is an absolute treasure to behold. Not only is your jewellery one of the best ways to express yourself and your personal style, but the choices you make tell a story about who you are and speak volumes about your journey.

You should adorn yourself in Australian excellence by choosing the handmade jewellery you deserve - fall in love with your very own handcrafted pieces. We are sure you will find the perfect creations with us since they are created with acute attention to detail and true passion.

Custom Hand-Made Creations That Capture The Essence Of Excellence

There is no finer level of craftsmanship than that of a good jeweller. Our team consists of the very best, experienced masters in their field, dedicated to producing only the highest quality items. With years of expertise and exploration, they create bespoke items that truly enhance and display the medium’s beauty. A well-designed piece can explore whimsy and meaning, depending on your style and taste. We can create statement pieces or classical designs, all tailored to your needs. We rely on the expertise and talent of a wide range of master jewellers, gemmologists, jewellery setters and jewellery valuers in order to meet the high standards we uphold.

Jewels In The Rough: Redesign Or Restore Your Beloved Pieces

We don’t only work with blank canvases. If you have an existing jewellery piece that you would like us to breathe some fresh life into, we are more than happy to assist. Whether this means restoring the item  like a modern piece or an antique) to its former glory and shine, repairing an item and addressing any necessary replacements or rethreading needed,  or a complete redesign, we can create, design, and craft something perfect for you. All this while still respecting the value and sentimental nature that the piece may have for you.

Know that you can place your trust in James Thredgold to personalise your style with handcrafted jewellery in Adelaide. You can reach us at +61 8 8431 9141 or browse our website today. We look forward to hearing from you!