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Purchase Your Argyle Pink Diamonds From An Accredited Atelier

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Argyle pink diamonds are still one of the world’s most sought after diamonds and they increase in rarity every day. With their unique rosy pink shades and intriguing coveted history, it is no wonder that these diamonds are considered so precious by jewellery lovers across the globe. Anyone who can afford them, from royals to celebrities to the world’s richest elite, are in awe of their beauty and will seek out Argyle pink diamonds at some time in their lives. 

If you are  planning to invest in one for yourself or a loved one, we strongly advise that you go through an accredited atelier for the following reasons.

Authentic Gems 

When one considers the long-standing history of the coveted Argyle pink diamond, it makes it even more pertinent that the one you purchase extends from the same line of authenticity and is not an imitation. 

After forming in the earth for over a billion years and then being brought to the market through the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia in the 1980s, these rare diamonds have been protected by traditional owners of the land where they were discovered and have gone from land to sale through a sustainable process. 

Any new owner of an Argyle pink diamond would then be part of this enchanting history, and it would be a shame to fall prey to inauthentic gems. By choosing a recognised atelier like James Thredgold, you will receive an original, sustainably sourced pink diamond to treasure.

Colour, Tone And Saturation 

Even for someone who is a connoisseur of fine jewellery, it is recommended to seek the advice of an experienced jeweller when selecting your ideal Argyle pink diamonds. They are categorised according to their shade, tone and saturation. The darkest of the pink diamonds are usually the most valuable and most rare. Your local atelier will have in-depth knowledge about the hues and tones of different pink diamonds and will be able to advise you on the best colour, texture, size and saturation of the diamond to choose for your specific preference and budget.

Since the closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in 2020, these pink gems are becoming increasingly rare. Fortunately, James Thredgold remains a trusted and established atelier for Argyle pink diamonds and other high-end jewellery collections. Speak to us for expert advice or browse our boutique store in Adelaide for your perfect pink diamond purchase.