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Sending The Right Message With Ring Choice: What Different Rings Could Symbolise

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Wearing any sort of jewellery, or clothing for that matter, usually has some sort of symbolism attached. What you choose to wear and how you choose to wear it puts a message out into the world about what type of person you are.

As experts in jewellery design, James Thredgold sheds some light on what different types of rings could potentially symbolise.

Popular Types of Rings And Their Meanings

While there are dozens of different ring types and designs, we have chosen some of the most popular rings and their respective meanings.

  • Engagement rings - These rings have the most symbolic meaning in today’s society. They represent an act of love as well as a promise of marriage.
  • Wedding rings - Wedding rings are commonly worn by spouses to indicate that they are in a committed marriage. The rings also act as an eternal symbol of the couple’s love for one another.
  • Anniversary rings - Anniversary rings are usually bought as celebratory gifts for reaching certain milestones within a relationship.
  • Class rings - These are usually given out to students graduating from university. Everyone in the class recives the same ring.
  • Signet rings - Signet rings were traditionally used to stamp the wax seals of letters and documents, and today they still represent status.

What Wearing Rings On Specific Fingers Mean

As much as different types of rings have different symbolic meanings, the finger you choose to wear your ring on also contains symbolism. While this symbolism could differ depending on country and culture, some general meanings include:

  • Thumb - positivity, creativity and independence
  • Index finger - power, ambition and boldness
  • Middle finger - expression, fun and confidence
  • Ring finger - love, commitment and marriage
  • Pinky finger - loyalty, bravery and strength

Ultimately, rings generally have a very personal meaning attached to them. Most people tend to gravitate towards jewellery that fits their personal style rather than jewellery that conforms to traditional meaning. Choose a ring that suits you and that you can imagine wearing for many years to come.

Please feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions about these rings.