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Where To Find Sensational Custom Jewellery In Adelaide

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The benefits of wearing custom jewellery today are numerous, and even more so when you choose a highly respected jeweller in Adelaide to design your one-of-a-kind pieces. Having ready-to-wear diamond jewellery to highlight your evening gown has a certain allure, but nothing compares to the intrinsic value of a tailor-made string of jewels caressing your skin. 

Here are some of the bespoke varieties to entice the senses at James Thredgold Jeweller.

Custom Engagement Rings

A custom-made engagement ring is the perfect way to begin a journey of endless romance. If you can imagine your ideal ring, an experienced designer can bring it to life, and you can be involved in every part of the process. Even if you are unsure of the precise design you want, we can advise you on the most fitting diamond cut and style to suit your personality. 

Engagement rings must be fit to the exact size of your ring finger, which is why having it designed at a custom jewellery store in Adelaide is highly recommended.

Diamond Initial Necklace

If you are looking for a truly thoughtful gift for a loved one, you may want to consider a personalised diamond initial necklace. This usually involves a diamond necklace or plain gold link-chain necklace with a pendant in the shape of the wearer’s initial or engraved onto a gold or silver plate. 

Whatever the style, an initial necklace carries special meaning throughout life, allowing the recipient to hold something meaningful and symbolic close to their hearts, inspiring dreams and reaffirming self-love.

Bespoke Bracelets You Will Love

When it comes to custom jewellery in Adelaide, James Thredgold Jeweller is one of the few boutique jewellery shops to offer mesmerising bespoke bracelets. Our designers are experienced and well-acquainted with global jewellery design trends. We bring you leading, contemporary designs infused with masterful techniques, age-old quality traditions in jewellery-making and a touch of individuality. Play a meaningful role in selecting your preferred style, colours and stones, and we will help craft pieces that will remain your favourites over time.

Get in touch with James Thredgold Jeweller for custom jewellery in Adelaide, whether you desire custom engagement rings, bracelets, pendants or necklaces. Let our breathtaking designs impress and transport you into a magical world of beauty and elegance that stands the test of time.