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The Hidden Treasures To Be Found At Gemstone Shops In Adelaide

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Gemstones have captivated our inner call to beauty for centuries, and these treasures can still be found in specialist gemstone shops in Adelaide. With quite a variety to choose from, finding the right stone may be overwhelming, so we recommend visiting a specialist boutique jeweller near you, like James Thredgold Jeweller. This will guarantee that you are receiving the very best quality, both in your gemstones and in the customer service you receive.

Three popular gemstones are:


The cool sea blue of the aquamarine stone gives it a strikingly unique quality. Legend has it that this particular stone was used to calm the waters and keep sailors safe at sea. In the contemporary world of fine jewellery, it is considered one of the best gems since it combines exceptional transparency and clarity with its mesmerising bluish hue, giving it a most desired sparkle that is hard to imitate.


Morganite is a variety of beryl, which is a naturally occurring mineral. Morganite’s colour range includes pink, rose, peach and salmon. In today’s market, the pink and rose tints are more fashionable. The peach and salmon hues seem less popular, but some collectors value untreated peach-colored material more highly than heat-treated pink stones.

Some of the largest morganite crystals have been found in Brazil, and they are available for sale all over the world, but you will only find the finest colour in specialist gemstone shops in Adelaide. James Thredgold Jeweller has a large collection of fine morganites for you to view by appointment.


As a truly rare gemstone, Tanzanite is only found near Mount Kilimanjaro, adding to its grandeur and magnificent quality. This stone comes in deep blue and violet shades. The first tanzanite stone was discovered in 1967, so it is a fairly new member of the precious gemstone family and is a favourite pick for many luxury jewellery connoisseurs. It is also one of the December birthstones. For a perfect addition to colour your world, speak to your jeweller about a unique piece made with this rare gem.

To find these and more precious stones for your next statement piece or for a special gift, visit James Thredgold Jeweller, one of the most respected gemstone jewellery shops in Adelaide. We are a boutique jeweller with expertise in all gems and diamonds. Contact us for all your gem related queries.