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These Are The Leading Trends For Engagement Rings In Adelaide This Year

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Your engagement ring is one of the most cherished pieces of jewellery you will own, so making the right choice is paramount. If you’re shopping for engagement rings in Adelaide, you want a trusted jeweller by your side, helping you in the process. There are many styles and cuts, even colours to choose from, so here are just some of the trends for 2021 leading the diamond engagement ring scene.


Personalised rings are one of the biggest trends this year. With worldwide lockdowns restricting weddings and engagement functions, couples are looking for unique ways to celebrate their love in a way that’s special and meaningful to them. Many are going for engagement rings with intricate details like secret engraved messages or bespoke designs with unique diamond cuts. Whether you decide on platinum, white gold, or a bespoke cushion diamond ring, consult with an established jeweller for engagement rings in Adelaide to help you make the most suitable, elegant choice.


Another popular decision these days is putting a modern twist on classic pieces. This could work for you if you’re not quite sure what style you’re looking for but are drawn to simple, classic, timeless diamond rings. Adding a vintage element will always make a ring more interesting to look at. You may also have a family heirloom that you want to remodel for a contemporary feel. We are a jewellery store in Adelaide that proudly specialises in deco style engagement rings.


At James Thredgold, we are passionate about bespoke creations that form a part of your love story’s tapestry. Visit our online store or talk to our expert design team today to find the ideal engagement rings in Adelaide. We can’t wait to hear your love story! If you want to invest in a timepiece that is both elegant and unique, from solitaire rings to elaborate showstoppers, then you have come to the right place.

We offer exemplary customer service and are ready to guide you through the entire process. Call +61 8 8431 9141 or fill out our online contact form.