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Three Things You Need To Know About Custom Engagement Rings

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Custom engagement rings are extremely sought after by those waiting to tie the knot, and there is a good reason for this. Getting engaged is probably one of the biggest milestones in anyone’s life and it always carries special meaning, both for the groom and the bride-to-be. We highlight the significance of custom engagement rings in these three memorable points.

1) Diamonds Are Used For Their Meaning

When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds are the obvious choice, preferred by many couples for their classic beauty and timeless elegance. But there is another reason diamonds are the stone of choice in this matrimonial stage. 

Diamond engagement rings symbolise longevity, which is what true love and marriage are all about. When you choose your life partner, it is the most exciting yet comforting stage in your life, and the ring should encapsulate an aura of eternal love. Of course, it is totally up to you if you decide to use other gems, so speak to your jeweller or engagement ring designer about the best options.

2) Only Use A Bespoke Jewellery Designer

With such an important investment, custom engagement rings should only ever be designed by an accredited jewellery designer who has substantial experience in the art. By consulting an expert with an impressive portfolio of engagement rings, you will have peace of mind that your ideal ring will be designed exactly as you want. 

A bespoke engagement ring designer will be knowledgeable about the different styles and cuts of diamonds and other precious stones and how this will all come together with the band of your choice. It is also recommended that you and your partner meet the designer together to discuss various options or specific requests and come to a final design that you all feel completely satisfied with. 

3) More Important Than The Wedding Ring 

As surprising as it may sound, the engagement ring is often considered more important than the wedding ring since it is the very first step in crossing over to wedded bliss. It symbolises a profound life change and a melting point when two souls make the decision to partner for life. So rather than brushing over this stage of your life, take the time to invest in a ring you will cherish for years to come and witness the sheer pleasure that custom engagement rings can bring to your life.

Your engagement is a time to savour, and it is a time in your life when you truly deserve the luxurious investment of a natural diamond ring. For custom engagement rings in Adelaide, contact us at James Thredgold Jeweller. We specialise in bespoke engagement rings, professionally designed and cut to your liking for an engagement that is splendid and special in every way.