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Tips For Searching For The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring In Adelaide

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Every girl dreams of her engagement, and this dream is of course synonymous with the ideal engagement ring. When you arrive at this threshold in your life, no matter what age you might be, the ring says so much about your personal love story, the future you envision for yourself, and it is the symbol of your deep connection to your soul mate.

Here are some pearls of wisdom to guide you on your journey to the ideal custom engagement ring in Adelaide.

The 4Cs Of Diamond Quality 

When selecting the design and gems for your custom engagement ring in Adelaide, speak to your jeweller about the 4Cs of diamond quality. This will help you be 100% certain that you are going to have a ring that will stand the test of time, just like eternal love. 

Robert. M. Shipley, the founder of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), coined the term "4 Cs" in the 1940s to identify the characteristics of a high-quality diamond. These are: 

  1. Colour
  2. Clarity 
  3. Cut 
  4. Carat weight 

This led to a universal language that we can use to evaluate and communicate diamond quality, which is an intricate part of choosing your custom engagement ring design.

Trust Only An Experienced Engagement Ring Designer 

With a keen awareness of the 4Cs, your next step is to find a renowned custom engagement ring designer in Adelaide who can guide you toward quintessential stones and the ultimate ring for your special day. 

James Thredgold Jeweller is one such jewellery store in Adelaide with years of experience in producing enchanting creations for customers seeking something different. We can advise you on global trends and breathtaking combinations for a ring that will give you years of sparkle. Should you go for a cushion cut or round brilliant cut? What stones look good in white gold and yellow gold? Should you choose a colour stone or a classic diamond? How big should the stone be to fit your budget? Our expertise will lead you along the path to immense satisfaction with your bespoke engagement ring.

Contact James Thredgold Jewellers for a stunning custom engagement ring in Adelaide that will not disappoint. We go beyond designing rings to offering personalised, dedicated customer service that will leave you feeling like you are our only customer.