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From Glamorous To Delicate: Why Diamond Earrings In Adelaide Are This Season’s Showstoppers

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James Thredgold Jeweller is a proud member of the Diamond Guild of Australia and has been designing and creating custom diamond jewellery for over 30 years. With this legacy of sterling quality craftsmanship and dedication to the fine art of diamond jewellery, we are the best place to enhance your diamond jewellery collection. Have a look at our guide to diamond earrings in Adelaide this season.

The Timeless Beauty of Diamond Earrings

As Autumn sets in, anyone seen wearing diamond earrings in Adelaide is destined to be admired for a fine choice in jewellery. In changing times when fashion trends come and go, diamond earrings stand their ground as a timeless accessory that is steeped in unmatched elegance. Diamond earrings are for the classic woman, the modern woman and one who fearlessly celebrates her femininity, gracefully commanding her own space in the world. These are just a few of James Thredgold Jeweller’s best diamond earrings, satisfying all styles for every kind of woman and every occasion.


Dramatic, regal and exquisite, these diamond chandelier earrings in Adelaide are pear-shaped with rose-cut diamonds set in 18c white gold. Ideal for formal dinners, banquets, romantic occasions and weddings, they will stand out in any setting.


These flower-shaped Argyle pink diamond stud earrings quietly make a statement of rich beauty with a delicate Argyle diamond set neatly at the centre of each flower, emanating a rare, precious quality. Any woman wearing these diamond earrings in Adelaide will feel the epitome of unassuming femininity and class.


Experience the extravagance of these 1.7ct diamond earrings set in a tear-shaped frame of white gold. They sit comfortably on the ear and compliment any outfit with the kind of charm that only diamonds can bring. Be a little daring with this bold choice of diamond earrings in Adelaide.

If you are looking for a unique selection of the finest diamond earrings in Adelaide to add a touch of class and romance to your autumn wardrobe, partner with James Thredgold Jeweller, an experienced, renowned curator of bespoke diamond jewellery creations. Book an appointment to discuss your bespoke earring design or shop our collection online.