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Why Argyle Pink Diamonds Are A Superb Choice For A Diamond Ring In Adelaide

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There are few things that say class and elegance, quite like a diamond ring. If you are looking for the perfect diamond ring in Adelaide, you may want to consider an exquisite handmade piece that contains Argyle pink diamonds. These diamonds are not only beautiful but extremely rare, with a fascinating story rich in Australian history. Until the mine closure in November 2020, the Argyle diamond mine produced about 90% of the world’s pink diamonds. Less than 1% of the Argyle mine's output was pink diamonds, making them the rarest of the rare.


Argyle pink diamonds are unique in colour, and to this day, their colour remains a mystery. They range in shades of pink, from soft rose to dramatic crimson red. Only one carat out of one million rough diamonds mined at Argyle were pink diamonds suitable for selling. For years, their timeless, regal beauty has intrigued lovers of fine art, and their precious quality has enthralled people all over the world. Pink diamonds have been worn by royalty, including the Queen of England.


Since diamonds were discovered in Western Australia in 1979, pink diamonds have made up a very small fraction of the number of diamonds produced each year. While their formation remains largely unknown, one theory is that it is the pressure below the earth’s surface and the refraction of light as they move closer to the surface that may cause the colouration. Both commercial and traditional owners of the Argyle pink diamond mine feel a strong sense of responsibility for it. From the time each stone leaves the mine and passes through human hands, it is guarded by strict ethical handling policies to ensure the sustainability of this limited edition stone. When you wear a pink diamond, you will know it has been lovingly crafted and polished to perfection.


The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia has been one of very few consistent sources to produce these rare pink diamonds. After nearly forty years, the final production of its iconic pink, red and blue diamonds were discovered for the last time on November 3rd 2020. The spotlight is now on these exquisite precious pink masterpieces of nature as they become a rare legacy of Australian history.

With a striking combination of rarity and beauty, the pink diamond makes a superior choice in diamond jewellery. James Thredgold, a renowned diamond ring designer in Adelaide, is proud to be a specialist in these rare stones and an authorised select atelier for Argyle pink diamonds. We offer a refined selection of these natural pink diamonds.

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