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Your Guide To Selecting the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring in Adelaide

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Selecting the perfect engagement ring is not a decision to be taken lightly. You want it to reflect your devotion while also serving as a true reflection of your partner's unique style, expression of personality, uniqueness and flair. 

While this may seem complicated, selecting an engagement ring does not have to be. Fortunately, there are simple questions you may ask yourself to simplify the process of popping the question. 

To understand how rings are valued and curated, diamonds have been graded into 4 categories: clarity, colour, carat weight and cut. Keep reading to discover what makes the perfect diamond engagement rings in Adelaide. 

What Does The Clarity Of A Diamond Define? 

The clarity of your diamond is a measurement of the purity and rarity based on an intricate and detailed inspection at 10x magnification. The higher the clarity, the greater the reflective quality and cost. However, the clarity is in no way indicative of wealth. For instance, couples who choose smaller, dainty rings do not compromise on lowering the clarity since it mimics the sparkle in your ring and you always want it to stand out. 

How Are Diamonds Colour Graded?

The colour of a diamond refers to how translucent or golden it appears. Diamonds of the highest quality are generally colourless, although diamonds of lower quality usually have a subtle yellow hue. Each diamond is carefully inspected and then rated from "D" for "Clear" to "Z" for "yellow/brown." 

When browsing through a premium selection of engagement rings, it is fundamental to consider the hue of the diamond. Diamond prices might vary greatly depending on their colour. Therefore, selecting a colour that fits both your budget and the magnificence of your fiance-to-be's engagement ring is vital. 

How Is The Diamond Carat Weight Measured?

The measurement of the carat is the international standard used to define a diamond's weight. The carat measurement is 200 milligrams and is subdivided into hundredth decimal points. If diamonds are heavier than carats, their weight is measured in both carats and decimals. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right carat based on your desired ring shape and depth.  

What Does The ‘Diamond Cut’ Refer To?

Diamond cut refers to proportion, depth and symmetry. Diamond cut doesn't refer to a diamond's shape, as in princess cut, radiant cut or emerald cut. Different cuts affect the diamond's beauty and brilliance. Well-cut diamonds reflect white and coloured light. Uncut diamonds are dull. 

Are You Planning Your Perfect Engagement?

The planning stage for your ideal diamond will begin when you determine the quality, value, weight, certification and colour. Finding something one-of-a-kind will require a lot of attention to detail. Working with a jeweller who takes the time to hear you out and directs you toward designing a timeless masterpiece is crucial.  

Looking for diamond engagement rings in Adelaide? The skilled jewellers at James Thredgold offer unparalleled advice, ensuring that your custom engagement ring is perfectly crafted. We take care to incorporate all your ideas with our creative expertise in the most cohesive way possible. Not sure exactly what you are looking for? Contact us today so that our skilled design team can guide you in the right direction.